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The Marlowe Statue

The Marlowe Statue

This is a slight cheat, following the rule `in the absence of any good view directly ahead, find something interesting on the way'. This is a statue in honour of Christopher Marlowe. The statue was moved here from Dane John gardens. It's coming obscured by the tree that's behind it which has grown considerably since I first took a photo here.

Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury in 1564, the son of a shoemaker. He was baptised in St.Georges church at the other end of the city, we are told by a plaque on the clocktower. He went to Kings School, Canterbury and from there to Cambridge. He became one of the most important English dramatist before William Shakespeare. Marlowe worked on tragedy and he wrote four important plays developing tragedy as a dramatic form. His most important work was The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus.

He was murdered in suspicious circumstances, one of those great unsolved crimes, in Deptford in the year 1593. Supposedly he was stabbed to death over a dinner bill. Some people dispute his death and think that he survived to write some plays that are attributed to Shakespeare. For more information, see Anniina Jokinen's pages.

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