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Hillside Systems is a name that I trade under as a consultant, an author and anything else that seems appropriate. I am based in Canterbury, Kent. These days, it makes little difference really. I work using the Internet. Hillside currently allows me to:

  • Work as a consultant specialising in UNIX and UNIX related topics.
  • Work as a consultant specialising in the Internet
  • Work as a consultant specialising in Web page design and implementation providing Web services for the local area.
  • Write programs in PHP, Perl, C, UNIX shells and related utilities.
  • Maintain this server, writing HTML, PHP and Perl scripts and taking photos
  • Anything else that takes my fancy.

If you are interested in any of these services, please give me a call at:

The Street
Kent CT3 1RP, UK
Phone: +44 1227 722133
Click here for a contact form.

Finally, a disclaimer. Information in the Hillside WWW server is provided in good faith but no warranty can be made for its accuracy. Please tell me if it's wrong and I will fix it.

Peter Collinson Last change: 21st November 2018