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Roman Baths at St. Margaret's Church
Mark Houliston

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Service trenching close to the south-east corner of St Margaret's Church, provided yet another fragment of the Roman public baths.

The watching-recording brief undertaken in September 1987 during the final stages of the fitting out of the `Pilgrim's Way', located a major drain, feeding foul water from the main south range of the baths. Coursed Roman bricks set in a tough pale yellow mortar, marked an extension of the main drain uncovered during excavations under the Marlowe Arcade (Annual Report 1978-9, 7). Also exposed in this small but rewarding cutting was part of a tessellated pavement for a room south of the southern range. This discovery taken together with evidence for a similar floor under the tower of the church (Annual Report 1986-7, 9) tentatively suggests the presence of a range of rooms in the south-western corner of the baths complex or perhaps part of the apodyterium or principal entrance for the baths.

The watching brief was funded by Heritage Projects (Canterbury) Limited.

Plan of Roman buildings

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The text and pictures were taken from Canterbury's Archaeology 1987/1988, The 12th Annual Report of Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

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