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Pre-war Longmarket - click for a larger image The line drawing shows a reconstruction of the pre-war Longmarket building, destroyed in an air-raid in 1942 (click on it to get a larger image). After the war, a set of hideous concrete buildings were placed in the space. These were demolished in 1990 and residents of Canterbury were treated to an extensive excavation of the area by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust.

The Trust's Annual report from 1989/1990 contained several articles about the Longmarket dig:

An overall description of what was found on the site, written while the dig was in progress
Pottery in the Longmarket
Two reports on the pottery finds in the Longmarket
Two Late Saxon Combs
A very interesting article on two hair combs found in the Longmarket excavation
Human remains
A short report on some human bones found during the excavation

The Trust's report from 1991/1992 contained an article on two nearly complete jugs:

Two Medieval London-type jugs from Longmarket
A lengthy report by John Cotter on two jugs found in a cess-pit.

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