By Glyn Collinson

Chapter Fourteen- Falling stars

The Obliterator Class Cruiser Executor flew alongside the battered TBS Avenger. On the Avenger's gigantic observation room, filled with most of the two mighty Starship's crew and a god many Nali, Drake stood at attention and saluted the long line of body tubes.

"In each of these coffins lies a hero." He began, looking out at the vast array of faces. "Each person helped to free and protect the world of Achranis from the Skaarj terror. Each life lost, kept a million alive. But there are some that need to be specially honoured. Captain Alexanders and Commander Daniels, who's death was overshadowed by a brilliance of light. Colonel Richardson, who's courageous spirit will live on inside all of us. And finally Citizen Fa'liene, for whom the mental separation from the Skaarj Queen proved fatal. Although he was brought back to the Avenger, he died at four AM this morning from massive brain haemorrhaging. They will be remembered. From the stars we came, to the Stars we return."

There was the rustling, as a thousand people raised their hands in salute. Tiny doors opened in the side of the observation room just below the long array of windows. The doors opened tiny portals into Space, and each let out a tiny coffin, out into the vastness of the Universe.


Laayk stood around the fire with the other members of his clan, staring up into space. The sky was filled with the silver streaks as the pieces of Skaarj and Terran spaceships rained down. Then overhead, from the bright slowly moving star of the metal chariot's, came a series of lights, as wave after wave of stars shot out from the Avenger.

Where many had died, they would now live on, and their sons and daughters, and daughters son's and daughter's daughters.

Because of the falling stars, they now had a free world in the palm of their hands.


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