In creating my story, I looked, first and foremost at the game, deciding what bits to leave in, and what bits to leave out. But I also looked to Science fiction, in particular the Star Wars Universe. Here is a selection of pictures that inspired me to write bits of the story. Click on the little image to see a large one.

As well as looking at pictures, some of the space action in the novel is inspired by the Unreal conversion "Uspace". Check them out!

aerial shot small The launch of a Skaarj escape pod provided me 

with a wonderful view of the Mothership in Unreal, 

which has become a serious part of Starfire.

This Bio Suit is to be found on the ISV Kran, 

in the story and in the game.

This is what the bridge of the Avenger looks like 

to me. How about you?

This display on level 1 of Unreal gave me the idea 

for the holographic display boards of the Intrepid.

What should the Avenger look like? Well I have 

left it up to you, but to me, it looks a little like


..... and this.....
... and this!
The Skaarj escape pod inspired the Skaarj gun 

towers, which the Avenger turned into a crater. It is also to me, THE escape pod.

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