• What is Starfire?

Starfire is my latest Science fiction story. Starfire is set in the "Unreal" universe, and is all about a rescue mission to a planet named Tyranza.

It is the far, far future and the Children of Earth have branched out into space, creating a great space Empire called the League of Terran Worlds, which controls about half of the galaxy. With most of the missions of exploration finished, and the galaxy mapped, The Terran Space Force is looking for ways to improve Humanity's knowledge of the Universe. Although much is understood, much remains to be explained.

Much interest had been put in the last few decades into the subject of Quantum Singularities, or Black Holes. People wanted to know how they worked, what the forces involved, and the military wanted to know how to make one.

So the ISV Kran was sent to a Black hole, named "Blood Eye". Then on day Seventy two, all contact as lost with the Kran...

Four years later, the Terran Space force have recieved an anonomous distress call from planet Omicron 569. Many ships had gone into that area and had not come back. They needed to send the best of the best. So they sent the TSB Avenger....

  • Why a Webpage?

Good question. The reason for this web site is mainly to keep myself sane over the summer, but mostly so my friends from all over the world can check out how I am doing. Of course, I was hoping that I might attract some attention from interested people.

  • What is Unreal?

Unreal is a fantastic game from Epic Games, it contains a powerful storyline, intellegent opponents, but most of all, what I like about Unreal is the Planet. It is named Na Pali in the game, but I thought that I couldn't copy that, so I have named it Tyranza, or Archranis depending on whether you are a local or not. A LOT of work was poured into creating the scenary, so I thought that it was definately time someone utalised this element.