"Good evening, this is Gaz Halycon, reporting LIVE from the desert world of Tattoine. 30 minutes ago, the double suns of this dusty world were blackened as a swarm of drop pods fell from the stars onto the surface. They have landed all over the planet and are situated in the inhabited zones.

These areas include the Junland Wastes, The pit of Carcoon and many areas around the famous "Beggars Canyon". All personnel are warned to evacuate from these areas and to not enter.

The reports are inconclusive, but we have been told that Imperial Probe Droids were in the pods and that they are now attacking the local civilian homesteads. We are trying to get a camera down there, and, hang on."

The reporter listened to his comm link and his eyes opened wide.

"Ladies and gentlemen I have just been told that Rogue Squadron, a squadron of X-wing starfighters attached to the Rebel Alliance was in the area on a training mission and are engaging the enemy."

Three Xwings shot overhead, their four engines guzzling fuel. Flying out towards a homestead, where a force of four spider like probe Droids waited for them.

The machines of death unleashed by the Imperial Star Destroyer riding high in orbit ceased their attack on the dome shaped mud huts, and focused on the new targets. They searched their databases for what the new craft were. Then they recognised them. Rebel Xwings. They turned, aiming their deadly lasers at the fast craft. One of the Rebel Starfighters was suddenly knocked from the sky by an intense barrage of gleaming red laser fire.

But the lead starfighter swept down, raining fire on the robots, destroying them.

"Rogue Leader to Rogue Two, Area clear."

"Hey Luke, my R2 navigation droid says that he is picking up more Droids south of here."

"Ok Wedge" Rogue Leader said to Rogue Two "Lets clear them out."


"Welcome back to Tattoine sentient beings, We have just received word that Rogue Squadron, under the command of none other than Luke Skywalker has engaged and destroyed all the probe droids to the North of Mos Eisely Space Port.

In, what we here at SWNN see as related news, Imperial Stormtroopers on Dewbacks have been sighted out in the deep desert. For all of you not familiar with Dewbacks, they are large Reptilian beasts that are especially equipped for desert life. Stormtroopers, the mainstay of the Imperial Army, ride them as an alternative to speeder bikes.

Although they do not seem to be doing much, simply examining an old escape pod, Citizens are warned to stay clear. A young farm boy from a nearby farm took this picture of the beasts."


"Now we are going to go to one of our on site reporters, who is in the Space Port of Mos Eisley, what do you see Bob?"

"Gaz, we are under attack! I count five, no make that six TIE Bomber spacecraft, they are dropping energy packets onto the city. So far the buildings are holding but I wouldn't put any faith in them."

"Ok Bob, can you get us a picture of this?"

"Well to tell the truth Gaz I am not that inclined to stick my head out of the door, let alone start filming, but we do have this footage, shot from one of the cameras on the hills.

"Wait, hang on. Sentient beings I have just received word that Rogue Squadron has destroyed all the probe Droids, and is headed towards Mos Eisley at top speed."

"Hey Gaz, I think I hear them now hang on I am going to risk going outside."

The reporter worked his way around the door, and cautiously edged out of the building. "Yep, there they are! Sentients I can't tell you how great they look from this angle!"

"Alright Wedge" Rogue Leader said into his comm link "Lock S-foils in attack position, we gotta clear these TIE's out.

"Luke, should we use the proton Torpedoes?" Rogue Leader thought about it for a second.

"No Wedge, they are too close to the city for them, we will have to engage with lasers."

"I copy. Right with you boss."

The Rebel starfighters shot into the heart of Mos Eisely, so close to the ground that their passing set up a dust trail, using this as cover, Rogue Leader advanced on the squadron of bombers, which he could dimly see through all the dust.

Coming underneath them, Luke dove up, wing tip laser cannons blazing away. Rogue Leader got first one, then another of the bombers in one swoop. The last one dove away, barely missing the barrage. It dove low over the city, unleashing its payload of blue energy bombs. One of the buildings detonated in an eruption of dust. Luke came in again, and let the force flow through him. Aiming carefully through closed eyes, his hand squeezed the fire control.

His first shot melted the light armour that the bomber carried. The second burned deeply into the bombers engine section. Out of control and out of power, it fell gracefully onto the city, leaving a trail of black smoke in its wake. It hit a building and exploded. A bleep from R2 D2 told Rogue Leader that Wedge had gotten the other three bombers.

"You saw it here folks, Rogue Squadron has annihilated the Imperial Attackers. We have just been told that the pilot of Rogue Three, the X-wing to be shot down by Probe droids, has been recovered from the middle of the desert alive and well.

The Rebel Alliance is now calling on YOU to join the ranks of Rogue Squadron. Destroy the Empire's prisons, bases and construction facilities, defend loyal rebels!"

We have the ships, we have the crew, all we need now is YOU!