Calimari, the home of the Calimarians, and the Quarren which can breath both air and water. The planet is 90% water, and both spieces were not able to achieve space travel until they joined forces. Their lovely cities are very fragile, and because a large Rebel Space Yard in orbit, the chances that Calimari will fall under attack as almost one to one!

This is Chandrilla, a planet currently in Rebel hands, although the cities are independandtly controled. The buildings are strong, and defenses are high, but becasue of the sensor jamming effect of the hills surrounding the capital city, attacking craft are difficult to spot.

You will find Tibana gas Platforms wherever Tibana is produced. The gas is used throughout the galaxy, to increase the power of weapons to computer systems. It is mined on gas giants such as Bespin, and stored in containers on these masive platforms. Imperials are known to use them also.

Landspeeders, such as this one are ground hugging civilian repulsor craft. They hold up to four passengers and can go at quite a rate. However they have no armour and no defensive capability what so ever.

Homesteds are found on the Planet Tattoine. They are basically local rock, ground up into a slurry, mixed with a resin and spreyed onto frames. They are weathered by the sand storms and very soon become smooth and round. Usually homesteds have a power generator, for the long and hard existance. With no armour homesteds are easy targets for probe droids.

You will find Sandcrawlers wherever you find Jawas. They were originally brought to Tatooine for a mining colony. When this didn't pay off, the sandcrawlers were abandoned and were soon requisitioned by Jawa tribes. They use them to hunt the deserts, and to provide protection from the elements and the highly feared Tusken Raiders.