This is the only picture we have of an Imperial Barrack taken by a reconnaisance Y-Wing that was shot down moments after transmitting this image. Their defences are formiddable. Turbolaser batteries and TIE air cover come as standard, and once the buildings are destroyed, Stormtroopers will be unleashed and add to the brawl. However despite the defences, one run with high yield bombs should destroy it, but make sure to take care of the turbolaser turrets first!

Capacitors, like this one are deployed inside volcanoes or near geothermic vents. They collect the charge from the transmitters (seen on the right) and store it. The charge is then used to power a shield or some major weapons platform. Destroying it will be difficult, but not impossible. First all the transmitters have to be taken out, thus lowering the shield. Then simply destroy the white cylinders, and the capacitor should colapse.

Many imperial bases rely on a high powered energy shield to protect them. Such shields can resist any bombardment. They are created by Shield generators, like this one. They are tough to crack, and are usually very well protected or hidden.

This is a drawing which we stole from Imperial Weapons designers of what we hope will never become a reality. The Autonomous World Devastator. They will be huge automatic factories, which suck up everything that they can find, and process it into starfighters such as the TIE Droid. Armed to the teeth, a World Devastator would be almost unstopable. Hope that you never meet one.