Imperial Forces

Before we send you out there, you are to be given some information on your enemy. We have a lot to cover Rogues, so pay attention. This information could save your life.


The Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport is the heaviest ground assualt vehicle in the Galaxy. Its imensely strong armor can resist even a turbolaser blast. Standing 12 metres tall, with duel heavy laser cannons mounted in the command area, the AT-AT is formidible. Firepower is of no use here. Experience has taught us that the legs are its weak spot. Speeders can use their harpoon guns to attatch a cable to one of the legs, and wind the cable around and around the legs, tripping the monster. This takes great pilot skill, and cover, as taking down an AT-AT is a long process, which leaves you vulnerable to attack. The AT-AT is good at attacking almost anything and can carry troops inside it.

The All Terrain Scout Transport is a good all rounder. It is fast, strong and trouble. It doesn't have any specific weakpoints, apart from if you fly at it from the back it can't see you. My advice is to fire like hell when you see it! The gunners on these things are good, but the AT-ST is very little use against air targets. However it is excellent at taking out ground targets, such as soldiers, and lightly armored vehicles. It's weak spot is the head.

The All Terrain Personal Transport is the "baby" of the All Terrain series. This craft trades firepower and armor for speed. It can outrun anything else that relies on the ground for support. However the heavy blasters can still do considerable damage, so when you take them out, make sure that you do so from behind.

What you are looking at is a turbolaser turret. They are ground based, and have little armor. Four shots should do it. However be carefull to watch whcih which way the guns swing as these babies pack a serious punch.

Missile turrets are the pilots nightmare. These nasty pieces of work will fire two missiles in each shot. Your computer will tell you if you are being targeted by a double high pitched bleep. When you hear it, comence evasive manoeuvres immediately and take out the turret!

Much more of a problem is this. The heavy turret. It packs more of a punch than a normal turbolaser turret, and its strong armor means that multiple passes have to be made to take it out. The only way to take it out is to aim at the very top, where the guns are and fire like hell. However this does put you right into the cross hairs of an imperial gunner. So make sure that you are careful!

This is an Imperial Landing Craft. It is included in thes section because althtough it flies, it delivers troops to and from the battle field, It can carry anything from Stormtroopers to AT-ST walkers. Fast but sluggish. Its super heavy armour makes it almost impossible to destroy. Therefore the best thing to do is to ignore the craft in itself, but to make sure that you get every single troops that it disgourges!

The apperance of a Tank Droid on the scene is always bad news. Its tracks give it excellent traction and speed. The gun turret is capable of taking down even heavily armoured ground targets. Its tracks make it fast and capable of going over almost all terrains and inclines. They tend to hunt in packs, making them a deadly addition to the Imperial arsenal.

Stormtroopers have long been the most infamous soldiers in the galaxy. Adapted to all environments, you will find them everywhere. However they are no real threat to starfighters as their weaponry is far to weak, but continuous impacts from a squad of Stormtroopers can do damage, meaning that they are a pesky nuisance, so if you get a chance to take them out, please do so!