This is the Arakeed Viper series Probot. In short, a probe droid. You almost never see these on their own, unless they are on a reconnaissance mission. The Empire uses them to attack slow and unarmed ground targets, for instance civilian buildings. Recently they were used to attack Tatooine. They have very little in the way of weaponry and one shot will destroy them. However these babies go out with a boom so be careful.

The Seinar Twin Ion Engine Fighter (TIE Fighter) is the stock fighter craft of the Imperial Navy. They are fast, manoeuvrable, but the large solar panels give the TIE Fighter poor turning ability in the atmosphere. They have no shields and can't take much abuse. Therefore they are easy to take out. They tend to fly in squadrons of three like all TIE craft.

TIE Bombers are a real danger when it comes to defending an installation. They can carry large numbers of free falling energy packets which will do considerable damage. They are slow and present no real threat to you, but make sure to take them out first.

The sleek TIE Interceptor is your greatest adversary. Hunting in packs, they are faster, more manoeuvrable and have more weaponry than our fighters, with the exception of the A-Wing. They are a big problem, and the only design flaw in them is that they (like all TIE craft) have no shields and will blow with only a few shots.

The TIE Droid is a nasty rumour, and hope to the maker that it remains so. In theory, the TIE Droid would be a cure to the pilot shortage problem of the empire by eliminating the pilot completely. Droids would make this evil creation precise and fast. The powerful in-exhaustable source of pilots. Manoeuvring jets would give TIE Droid the turning circle born of absolute terror. Lets just hope that these never get built, as it would take a real ace pilot to even hit it. Then again, that is what homing missiles are for.

Armoured trains like this one are limited to run on a repulsor track, at low speeds. They have little in the way of armour, but one of the carriages and the break van have been converted into weapons platforms. Imperials are unlikely to send trains out with no cover, so your greatest danger will be from their escorts.


Wavespeeders were designed to deliver troops to and from remote islands whilst TIE craft gave it cover. They are hard to hit, strong, but have no weapons and are sluggish.