The following data is to be considered TOP SECRET ULTRA

Any Unauthorised Viewing, Copying, Editing or other such activity is considered treason against the Rebel Alliance, and is subject to a Military Tribuneral.

PREPARED BY: Admiral Ackbar

TO: Possible Rogue Squadron Candidates

SUBJECT: Squadron Roster

Here is the data that you requested concerning the squadron roster. We were concerned that 2nd hand reports would not be sufficiant, so we have gotten Commander Skywalker to personally introduce his Squadron.

Luke Skywalker. I joined up just before the battle of Yavin. My first command was over Wedge and Biggs in the Death Star's trench. Although Biggs was killed, we got the Death Star, and Rogue Squadron was born.

I have been told that I am a good leader and an excellent Pilot.

Wedge Antilles, Born on Correlia, had a hard life growing up. His parents were freighter pilots, Killed trying to save a space station when wedge was young.

He's got a natural ability to lead, and I wouldn't be surprised if one day Wedge became Rogue Leader. But he would much rarther be flying missions than attending parades.
An excellent pilot, Wedge saved my life at the Death Star and I owe him.

I expect to see Wedge do great things for the rebellion.

Dack Ralter is one of the newer, Younger pilots and I don't know him as well. He replaced Biggs after the Battle of Yavin, and is showing promise as an X wing Pilot.

He is still new, though, but what he lacks in experience he makes up in enthusiasm.

He sort of reminds me of myself, back when all I wanted was a little excitement, and a chance to take on the Empire.

Derek Klivian, or "Hobbie" is the skeptic of the Rogue Group.he doesn't warm up quickly to new ideas, but he never challenges the authority of his superiors.
Hobbie does most of his thinking inside - you never hear from him unless he has something absolutely crucial to say. He origianlly trained at the Imperial Academy, with Biggs and Porkins - and he jumped ship at the same time they did, too.Since then he's been working in the Sullust system, running guns, but now he has chosen to fly with Rogue Squadron.

Zev Senesca is a little older than the rest of us, he probably has a few stories to tell, but he keeps pretty quiet.

He joined up some time ago, after the Empire killed his parents for secretly supplying the Rebellion.

Since then, he has been a great asset, once holding off 3 TIE Fighters, while an Alliance transport fled into Hyperspace.

Wes Janson. I have only seen Janson truly happy when he was manning the guns of a Y-Wing or snowspeeder. He's a gunner first and foremost.

Wedge swears by his accuracy and knack for hitting small moving targets: like TIE fighters. Janson always has a short temper, though.

Many is the time we've had to pull him out of a cantina fight, but I would trust him with my life.

Kasan Moor was born on Alderaan, and joined the Academy at a pretty young age. She flew Interceptors for the Empire and eventually they gave her 128th TIE Interceptor squadron.

She was loyal to the Emperor, but when the Death Star destoyed Alderaan, her feelings began to change. When we met up on Gerrad V, she decided to defect and join the Rebel Alliance.

Good thing. Kasan is an ace pilot, definately one of our best. I think she and Wedge are secretly in competition for the Top Slot, but I wouldn't want to bet on that race!