From the back, the roof is sheet of flat metal painted in camouflage paint, very close to the ground.

Behind it there is a low-grade service road running along a high grass covered dirt embankment. Behind the embankment there is a large open field which is the Sauropod Paddock. The field is filled with yellow grass, about 3 foot high. Beyond that, separating it and the Tyrannosaur Paddock is, firstly a large gray concrete moat, flooded up to waist height with filthy water. The water is very smelly, and has lumps floating in it. The moat’s sides are too steep and slippery to climb, but at intervals there are green jungle vines snaking up the sides, which are climbable. Behind the moat is a twelve foot high electrified fence. Beyond the fence there is dense tropical jungle.

But to return to the building, it is constructed out of concrete, and its entrance is large enough to drive a truck through, although the entrance is fitted with thick iron bars painted black. However there is just enough room for a human to squeeze through.

The building is essentially an open shed, with piles of grass and stacked hay bales among equipment. When it is feeding time, the equipment automatically picks up bales of hay or piles of grass and hoists it up onto conveyor belts which take it up to where the Dinosaurs can eat it.

There are small side windows, all dirty and protected by thick iron bars. On one of the walls is a gray metal box with a telephone inside it, with the words "SAUROPOD MAINTENANCE BLDG" stenciled on it.

It is not only food that is stored in the Sauropod Maintenance Building. There are:

  • Five gallon containers of Herbicide.
  • Tree pruning equipment.
  • Spare tires for jeeps.
  • Coils of cyclone fencing.
  • Hundred pound fertilizer bags.
  • Stacks of brown ceramic insulators
  • Work lights on telescopic stands and thick black cables.
  • Bags of cement.
  • Lengths of copper pipe.
  • Green wire mesh.
  • 2 Plastic Oars hanging on clips on the concrete wall.
  • Locked metal case containing Tranquilizer gun and 6 Ligamine Darts with cloth belt for the darts and weapon holster.

At the back, covered in cobwebs is another rusted gray metal box with a chrome handle. Inside is a corroded set of plans of the Park, and a metal key. The Key opens the metal case containing the tranquilizer gun.

Also in the back, recessed into the cement wall is a pair of heavy doors, which are large enough to fit a car through. The door leads out onto a paved surface road. This road leads down through a cutting, making it invisible from the side, to the wooden dock, jutting out into the jungle lake.


Outside the Sauropod Maintainance Building, viewing from the road in the foreground.

Inside the gates which Alan Grant and the two kids squeesed through to seek refuge from the rain, and the Tyrannosaur.
Inside the SMB at the back, the doors that lead to the lake.
The conveyor belt just to the right of the door as you come in.
Download the version 1 of what was going to be the SMB. It is a level that runs in the game UNREAL. (You can't view it with any other program)

Ignore the sattelite dish on the roof! REMEBER TO DOWNLOAD nublartextures.utx and put them in your unreal/textures folder.