What a saga this was! The idea is simple. Behind the SMB, there is a small path that runs out in a cutting and runs into a wooden dock. Ontop of the dock there is a wooden building that is painted green with a grey cuorrigated roof. "raft Storage" is stenciled in black on the wall. Pretty simple eh? Well I spent most of my time trying to get people to do this, but we didn't get there. Still we got VERY close!. Infact this is the best that Nublar ever got for me, so ENJOY!.

Inside this wooden building, suspended on the dock itself, are 6 orange life preservers hanging on the wall, rolls of wire mesh fencing and coils of rope.

The rafts themselves are inflated by a gas cylinder, and are stored in cubes, held together by flat rubber straps.

Below was a report that I wrote for the Nublar website:


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Progress report by Dr Smith

Hello all ye eagerly awaiting Nublar! This building is found in the novel, and we have decded to incorporate it into Nublar. Ther are many such builings like this which need this kind of re-construction. It is not easy taking words and creating an Unreal Map. This page charts it's course, as an example of what we are going to do.

I did some intense research into the Raft Storage building, and drew this image on Simply 3D 2.
I then handed this picture to Kingomen, who made this into this:

It ain't that bad, but not quite what I was hoping for. If you look, he has used wood fo the roof, has no door, and the dock is a little too short. After much persuasion, I handed this to Lorken, and he came back with this:

MUCH closer to what I wanted, but there are a few things wrong. For a astart it is still made out of wood, and the building is at the beginning of the dock, not at the end.A After another LONG LONG time, he came back with this image:

Lorken's Unreal skin seems to have eaten too much food at Mc Donalds, but it seems to be in the correct place. All he needs to do now is to do a sign on the door, and a few textures and it is complete!

Lorken's In typical style, just as the project crashed to an end, we got the thing finished. Here it is, the raft storage building. WOW! Nice one Lorken ALL IS FORGIVEN!