Here is a little corner of graphics that I kept from the Nublar projet, incase it might ever be dusted. Ahh well, fantasies are free. Here goes then:


This is a map of Jurassic Park that I updated to be more true to the novel.
A map of the Jungle River.
The Jurassic Park jeep from Nublar. (Thanks to Neo for this one).

The following is the list of prospective weapons from the Nublar users manual tha i wrote. I still have it believe it or not!

1: Knife

2: Tranquilizer Pistol

This was going to be a small air pistol, with a magazine of 12 Ligamine Darts. This is to be found in the Sauropod Maintenance Building, although it is a lower velocity weapon than the gun, the toxin in the darts is more powerful.

3: Tranquilizer Gun

4: Zapper

A pretty Weak weapon. It stuns Medium Sized animals, destroys smaller ones, and just annoys larger ones!

5: Desert Eagle

Useful for work on all small Dinosaurs, apart from Raptors.


More powerful, works on Dinosaurs up to a medium size, however it will take at least 10 shots to kill a Raptor, as they have such a high metabolism.

7: MORO-12 Nerve Gas Grenades

(Not designed yet, they need to be "dark spheres". This toxin works on all Dinosaurs, will kill smaller ones, knock out medium sized ones (Including Raptors), and make a larger one docile.)

8: Rocket Launcher

Ammunition would be VERY rare, say only 12 shells in the entire park. 6 in Muldoon’s Office, 6 in the Weapons storage room. This weapon works even on a T-Rex. Primary fire = explosive shell for use against Raptors. Secondary = tranquilizer launcher for T-Rex and larger animals.