I spent a considerable amount of time in 1999 working on an Unreal total conversion project called "Nublar, the Jurassic Park total conversion". However this did not come to fruition as noone could really be bothered to do any work on it. (Apart from me). This is a slightly biased account you must realise. Anyway, I read the book and made a list of places that we could use in the game. Then I created some 3D images of these locations using Simply 3D. They are all locations in the park that were not in the film, and so should be kind of a treat :-)

Biosyn boardroom / Raft Storage / Sauropod Maintainance Building / Hammond's Bungalow / Misc

Whatever I say about the project, I want everyone to know that I had a GREAT time doing it, and I really DO like all the people I worked with :-)

You can download and play various levels and buildings from "Nublar" on this site.


Before you can add view any of these you have to download and install nublartextures.utx into your Unreal/Textures folder. Click on the gate to download.

So, now you have got the Nublar kit, here are some cool situations for you to take a peak at:

The first Nublar test level. Blocky architecture, but quite fun.
The second Nublar test level. REALLY groovy architecture that is highly like what you see in the film. WELL worth a look if you have both Unreal and have downloaded nublartextures.utx

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The Nublar site is still online (just). Check it out.

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