Jedi Knight Weapons

Jedi Knight has some familiar weapons and some less obvious ones. Here is a guide to the destructive power at your fingertips. 
Hand to Hand
Brayar Blaster Pistol
Stormtrooper Rifle
Thermal Detonator
Imperial Repeater Gun
Rail Gun
Sequencer charges
Concussion Rifle


Hand to hand (1 key) 

DESCRIPTION: I am sure you know how this works! The good thing about the fists is that you have unlimited ammo! 


RESTRICTIONS: You need to be close to the target! 




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Brayar Blaster Pistol (2 key) 

DESCRIPTION: Compared with the Imperial weapons, this is slow. But it makes up for that by its accuracy! However, you wouldn't want to take on a Dark Jedi with it, so I tend not to use it! Impact diminishes over distance. However, some people find it useful. Martin Fay emailed this comment to me: 

"One comment I'd make is that you rubbish the bryar pistol on the weapons pages...BUT...I originally thought this, but it's actually great if you're in big open areas. You can back off to where the shmuck stormtroopers can't hit you and pick them off ;) AND it's sparing on ammo". 


RESTRICTIONS: Impact diminishes over distance 

AMMO: Power Cell (1 cell per shot) 

PRIMARY: Laser beam 

SECONDARY: Laser beam 

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Storm Trooper Blaster Rifle (3 key) 

DESCRIPTION: You have seen these being used on Star Wars, you know what they can do and cannot do. Faster than a Blaster pistol but very random. 


RESTRICTIONS: Impact diminishes over distance 

AMMO: Power Cell (2 cells per shot) 

PRIMARY: Rapid Laser beams 

SECONDARY: Rapid Laser beams 

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Thermal Detonator (4 key) 

DESCRIPTION: A grenade type weapon with two modes. The first explodes on impact. The second (press Z key) puts the thermal detonator on a 3 second fuse! The longer you hold down the firing key, the further you throw the detonator. 

STRENGTH: Medium/Strong 

RESTRICTIONS: At the mercy of gravity. You can't guarantee a hit! 


PRIMARY: Explodes on impact 

SECONDARY: 3 second delay 

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Bowcaster (5 key) 

DESCRIPTION: Depending on how long CTRL button is pressed, either 1, 3, or 5 bolts will be fired. This weapon is often used by Wookies and Tusken Raiders. The secondary fire creates a bolt of green fire that ricoshes around, whatever the surface. You have to be careful that you don't reflect the shots back into yourself!!!!! 

STRENGTH: 1 shot is medium, increasing to Strong if you fire 5 bolts 

RESTRICTIONS: the bolts spray out in all directions so you have to get close to concentrate on 1 target 

AMMO: Power Cells 

PRIMARY: Depending on how long the fire button is charged, either 1, 3, or 5 bolts will be fired 

SECONDARY: A single ricocheting bolt of Blaster fire 

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Imperial Repeater Rifle (6 key) 

DESCRIPTION: It's back by popular demand! This gun not only looks unbelievably sexy, but is a fast weapon that can level a room of Storm Troopers in seconds! 



AMMO: Power cells (1 cell per shot primary, 3 cells per shot secondary) 

PRIMARY: Rapid plasma projector 

SECONDARY: A 3 cluster of plasma balls 

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Rail Detonator (7 key) 

DESCRIPTION: This is a missile launcher which fires out high explosive rockets. Very good for unwinding after a hard day's work. 

STRENGTH: Very Strong 

RESTRICTIONS: The shockwave from this gun can mean that you blow yourself up as well as your opponent! 

AMMO: Rail Charges 

PRIMARY: Fires a missile 

SECONDARY: Fires a missile that only detonates after a few seconds. It will imbed it's self in a wall or even (*grins with glee*) a person 

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Sequencer Charge (8 key) 

DESCRIPTION: On first appearance, this looks like an IM mine from Dark Forces. It isn't. The sequencer charge is a high powered explosive device that detonated after only a second or 2. If you aren't quick, it is easy to kill yourself. 


RESTRICTIONS: Short fuse (primary) 


PRIMARY: Detonates after a second or two 

SECONDARY: Motion sensor mode. Place it on the floor, or even a wall and it will wait for a few minutes, dormant, until some poor fool steps on it. Then it's BBQ ALA Trooper. This mode has the disadvantage of self detonating after about 5 mins of their own accord. 

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Concussion Rifle (9 key) 

DESCRIPTION: This has always been my favourite gun, ever since the early days of the Dark Trooper Project. It fires compressed waves of ionised air in a visible shot. The major problems of the original have been ironed out, to leave a beautiful killing machine. 

STRENGTH: Very strong (Use the super Concussion rifle patch to make it an artillery weapon) 

RESTRICTIONS: On primary mode, can fry yourself at close quarters (like the Rail Detonator). However use secondary mode and you can fire at close quarters. 

AMMO: Power Cells 

PRIMARY: Fires an explosive like projectile. 

SECONDARY: Fires rings of air at a creature (like a stun blast). This mode has the disadvantage of being weaker than primary mode. 

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Lightsaber (0 key) 

DESCRIPTION: Needs no introduction. This is an elegant weapon and is the most powerful of all the weapons in Kyle Katarn's arsenal. It can also be used as a shield, deflecting energy bolts. However it can't block Thermal Detonators, Concussion blasts, Sequencer charges or Rail Charges. The saber is also used as a tool for cutting through panels, wiring, grates etc. 

STRENGTH: Very Strong 

RESTRICTIONS: Close combat weapon only (but not in Mysteries of the Sith companion missions) 


PRIMARY: Quick strokes. 

SECONDARY: Wide powerful stroke which takes a while to come back to the front. 

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Glyn Collinson 

Many thanks to Lucas Arts Games