Force Powers

In the beginning, you become force strong. But after that, you must choose Light or Dark. One offers long life and protection. The other offers tremendous power, but once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. 

Apprentice powers

Force speed: Using this power, you are propelled to super human speeds. The force surges through you as you leave your opponents in the dust. 

Force Jump: Large distances are no object. Simply leap to a great height, or a great distance. The longer you hold down the button, the higher or further you jump. 

Force Pull: A Jedi is never weapon less. You can pull objects that are far off or even out of the hands of your enemies! 

Force Sight: A Jedi is never blind. Though Jerec is blind, he can still see and thus is the same for you. When using the map, you can see through walls and see items, and enemies. 

Light Side Abilities

Healing: The force surrounds us, and binds us. The force can mend flesh and bone as though it were reborn anew. This power restored your health. 

Persuasion: An old Jedi mind trick. You become invisible to all but the great Jedi. When your force energy runs out, you loose your invisibility. You must wait until you regain it. 

Blinding: The terrible light of good shines forth, blinding your enemy for a few seconds. This power can only be used on one person, and subsides after a while. 

Absorb: A Jedi is never without power. When you use this power, and Dark power used against you adds to your force power. 

Dark Side Abilities

Force Throw: The Dark Jedi commands the very objects at his fingertips. Crush your opponent, striking at him in all directions with flying debris. 

Force Grip: When Vader sees a disturbing lack of faith, he chokes his opponents. Now this power is yours. Your enemy is immobilized, as the very life is crushed out of him or her. 

Lightning Bolts: The emperor used this power to attack Luke Skywalker. Now you too can blast your enemy with lightning. Here is an animation of the Force Lightning at work. 

Destruction: Just as life is the nature of the Light Side, death is the nature of the Dark Side. As the hate grows inside you, it blasts forth in a huge bolt, destroying everything in it's path. 


Glyn Collinson 

Many Thanks to Lucas Arts Games