Jedi Knight is set after Return of the Jedi. The empire has been shattered and it controls only a fraction of the territory it once did. Many warlords are battling for supremacy of the fallen empire. The most powerful are the DARK JEDI. There are 7 in all. The leader of them, JEREC, seeks the valley of the Jedi. Within the valley, a force of thousands of Jedi are lying. If Jerec manages to capture the valley, he will become a huge force in the galaxy. "A supernova of stars in a fleeting thought. The eradication of life from a solar system, in a whisper, will be within his power". 


The last remains of the Corvette crumble into flaming dust as Jerec's command ship, the Vengeance flies over head. 

Inside the Vengeance, prisoners are being interrogated and executed. The limp body of a pilot falls to the floor as Rahn is pushed forward. A platform lowers to display three occupants. Jerec, and his other Dark Jedi, Sariss and Boc. "Why hesitate?" asks Rahn "strike me down" 

"In time Rahn, first I need something from you!" States Jerec. He reaches out into the force and tears into Rahn's mind, searching for the knowledge he seeks. "MORGAN KATARN!!!" he yelps with pleasure "This dead man holds the valleys location. VERY intriguing! I have no further use for you, old man!" With that, Rahn pulls out a hidden lightsaber and begins a saber duel. During this he slices one of the Jedi in half, but then Jerec reaches out with the force and stops the attack. Chuckling he raises his saber for the final swing. 

Meanwhile, in Nar Shadda the smugglers moon, our old hero Kyle Katarn sits at a table, watching an old holo vid. It is of his father, wishing him luck at the Imperial academy. 


Then there is a heavy clanking, and 8t88 lumbers into view. Bearing a disk. He tells Kyle that the man who murdered his father is a man called Jerec, a Dark Jedi. "I am not interested in petty political struggles 8t88". "Well you should be" says 8t88 "he has grand plans for the rebirth of the empire. Unfortunately, you don't fit into them!" 

From behind Kyle, he hears a Blaster being cocked. "But" continues 8t88 "I am not without a heart. Tell me what this disk is and I will not let my partners indulge in their, darker side" 

"The dark side?" questions Kyle "I have been there, do your WORST!!" 

"And that" finished 8t88 "concludes our business. He walks away. Quickly Kyle yanks the Alien (a Gran for all those big fans out there) and pulls him onto the table, snapping his neck. Grabbing the fallen creatures Blaster, he shoots the other Alien. 

Kyle eventually tracks down 8t88 as he is entering his shuttle. 8t88 just escapes, but he looses his arm which is holding Kyle's dad's disk. The shuttle flies away and a TIE Bomber flies in, laser cannons firing. Suddenly there is a rain of red Blaster fire and Kyle's old ship, the mouldy Crow swoops to Kyle's rescue. Again. 

"Oh Kyle, when ever I need to find you you are always in some kind of trouble" grunts Jan Ors from the cockpit. 

"JAN! What a pleasant surprise!" 

"What would you do without me Kyle?" 

"I would be a content old man!" 

"Somehow I don't see either content or an old man" 

Out of nowhere, three TIE craft stream in. "So much for a little relaxing chat" says Jan. 

"Jan, meet me at the top I have got to get that disk back!" 

After a little trip through Nar Shadda, Kyle finds the disk and makes his way back up to the top to meet with Jan. 

As the Crow arrives at a New Republic frigate, Kyle is given medical treatment for his wounds. During his sleep, he is visited by Rahn who tells him about the Valley and that he must go there to defend it. Kyle then flies off to his home planet of Sulon, to find Wee Gee, the family droid. He arrives to find three Dark Jedi stripping the ceiling of his fathers workshop. They fly off just as Kyle arrives at his house. 

Kyle finds the workshop and Wee Gee. He places the disk inside a slot and a hologram appears of his father. He explains to Kyle that a map to the valley is in the stone ceiling. He also gives Kyle a lightsaber. 

Kyle works his way out and finds Jan. They fly off to a city called Barons Hed. Kyle finds a way through the city into the ruined bits. Then to the big tower in the centre of the city. After blowing up a few ATST's (All Terrain Scout Transport) and a lot of storm troopers, Kyle finds his way to the throne room where 8t88 is sending the map to Jerec. Then there is an explosion and the stone floor is destroyed for ever. A young man hops down. 

"In all my years I have only known Dark Jedi, never one from the light." Says Yun "somehow I expected more". With that, he LUNGES at Kyle. 

After the battle with Yun, Kyle lets Yun go and tries to find 8t88, who's head now holds the only copy of the map. He finds 8t88's shuttle, but it takes off and flies away! 

Kyle and Jan pursue the shuttle to a fuelling station on the other side of Barons Hed. There the shuttle docks with a large cargo vessel. Meanwhile Kyle drops into the fuel station and blasts his way through to the ship, which takes off! 

Gathering all his strength, Kyle jumps across the open space. 

What happens next?? Well you will have to buy the game to find out!


Glyn Collinson 

Many Thanks to Lucas Arts Games