The 7 Dark Jedi


I am Rahn, a dead light Jedi. To aid you in your quest to defend the Valley of the Jedi I will tell you of the 7 Dark Jedi. 
Jerec lives surrounded by a darkness that has nothing to do with his lack of physical sight. Tattoos flow from his mouth and he hides his empty eye sockets with a thin blindfold-like mask. His embrace of the Force's dark side gives him powers that rival Vader's. His lust for power - the power represented by the Valley of the Jedi - knows no bounds. 

Boc has a great sense of humour - once he is sure he has you in a corner. And given that he can fight expertly with two lightsabers, he is frequently amused. Boc is a cunning and brash individual. Crude and loud, he is a joker, a playful person and almost clumsy. But when he needs to draw from the force and do battle, he is formidable. He is very fast with his sabers and his feet. 

Her quiet observant nature masks a ruthless perfectionism. She is one of the most powerful of the seven Dark Jedi, strong in both the physical and mental Force powers. You can find her watching carefully in the background, studying each and every detail. 

Only a profound anger and the dark side of the Force have enabled a creature like Maw to live. He was cut in half by me on the Vengeance, and what was left is a heavily-muscled levitating incarnation of rage. If you don't hit him several times all in a row, he goes berserk in a spinning and circling motion. He throws things, almost anything he can find. 

They claim to be brothers, but you don't often see twins with one twice the size of the other. Gorc is tall, quiet and an immovable object, unless Pic stirs him up. Pic is short, lively and totally evil. They work and battle as a team, covering all angles and weaknesses. 

He is the best of the bad lot - young, eager and open. Yun is the least experienced and unpredictable of the Dark Jedi. He uses his super leap often to gain ground on you. Almost too eager, Yun always feels the need to prove himself. A sign of his youth, he uses the various sides of the Force to his advantage.


Glyn Collinson 

Pictures from Lucas Arts page