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Glyn's photo Now the dizzy age of 20 years old, I am currently doing a MSci Physics with Industrial Experience degree with the University of Bristol, and am in the middle of Oxfordshire working for Rutherford Appleton Laboratories doing my Industrial Experience Placement.

The performer in me:
I am an eccentric performer of music, and have been involved in shows that range from "Herod's Song" from Jesus Christ Superstar, to an all singing-all dancing man eating plant from Outerspace called "Audrey" in Little Shop of Horrors. I also did a Bible reading in Canterbury Cathedral.

Now at Bristol University, I have had a lot of fun in, Oh! What a Lovely War!, A Chorus Line and Hamlet. I also play my guitar in the Live Music Society and always enjoy getting a crowd going.

I still try my hand at a bit of Science Fiction Writing, 3D Artwork and have written the occasional song on my guitar.

The traveller in me:
I have caught the travel bug really badly and have been about as much as I can. So far, the high points have been the Ruins of Pompeii, lots of SCUBA diving, driving around California, and rafting down Green River in Utah.

The Aviator in me:
I like all methods of flying and have tried Ballooning, Gliding, Light Aircraft, Skydiving and some day I hope to fly into space on an X-Prize rocket.

The nerd in me:
Like many children of the 90's, I became addicted to computer games at an early age, the first game being Dark Forces, my website becoming a favourite online place to go for add on levels. I discovered the wonders of online gaming and became an addict of Xwing vs TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron, and later Unreal. You can view my Dark Forces, Jedi Knight and Rogue Squadron databases.

I like a few TV programmes, mostly science fiction like Babylon 5, Futurama and Startrek. I'm also interested in talking to people on the net, see my direct email page.

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