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Prepare for Ground Assault!

Well here it is, I am sure that we were all wondering when Lucasarts would graft this tried, tested and worn out game format to the Star Wars Universe.

What game format? Well Star Wars Force Commander is going to be one of the many real-time Strategy games, such as Command and Conquer that are floating around out there.

Still if you actually take time to look at the screen shots that Lucasarts have released, the graphics do look very good, and the game looks immensely playable. The great makers have said:

"With its breathtaking 3D environments, Force Commander draws players into a real-time strategy wrapped in a story line that intersects with some of the greatest moments in the Star Wars epic."

This game looks like it is going to be just another in the long line of short but sweet games, such as Rogue Squadron, that, although are highly addictive, the graphic intensive levels of the game are short, and there just aren't enough of them.

The game begins just prior to the Empire's search for the Droids in Star Wars: A New Hope and ends after Return of the Jedi. Meaning that we get to fight in the Battle of Hoth, Battle of Endor as either the weak and useless Rebels or the might of the glorious Empire. No clues for which side I support.

It seems to me that this game is for both Star Wars and real-time strategy fans, and will probably not even come close to hitting the almighty "Tyberian Sun".

The range of vehicles seems pretty moderate, AT-AT's. AT-ST's, Snowspeeders and so forth, and the fields of battle are advertised as being "dramatic" and "expertly crafted". Well, I would have to agree with that from looking at the screen shots. Take a look yourself. The game is fought over 10 Terrain types from Desert to Snow planets. Players can battle up to three others in any combination of Imperial and Rebel teams. The action can take place on any of the single player maps as well as specially designed multiplayer maps. The team has also built in a Skirmish mode that lets eager Commanders battle up to three AI opponents.


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