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This level is by Peter Klassen, a good friend of mine so I am justifiably biased. But this level is really well thought out and the architecture is terrific!

I am especially impressed with the communication with the characters which as I know is not easy to do. You are not simply meeting characters only to blast them away, but you have conversations with them. I really like the holo vid projector where you get seen by Vader and he trys to crush your wind pipe. It's really terrific!

There are some likings to the end of Star Wars: A New Hope. The throne room you may notice, as well as the briefing room.

The puzzles are tricky, especially the laser maze. One or two critisisms I have arehat it is a bit hard to know where to go next. Also, if you try and self destruct the temple, the warning klaxon goes on through out the rest of the level. Also, what is a Kell Dragon doing on Yavin?

Look out for: The likeneses to the film.

Challenge: Do it on hard!

Secret: The secret I found was to press every button in sight!


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