About Dark Forces and The Dark Trooper Project

Dark Forces is a combat adventure game like Doom. Each level (or mission as they are called) has several objectives you must complete before you can move onto the next. It is set in the Star Wars universe, between Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back.

You play the role of Kyle Katarn, a missionary for hire. First used by the rebellion to steal top secret plans to the Death Star.

Kyle Katarn

Kyle delivered the plans to the rebel alliance, soon afterwards the Death Star was destroyed. But even as the Alliance celebrates this victory, another sinister plot is set in motion, that will become an even greater concern to the rebellion". Well, that's what the cutscene in the game says. (a cutscene is a computerized animation that links mission to mission) Anyway the "sinister plot" is a new type of storm trooper, the Dark Trooper. The Dark Trooper is really a huge robot. It comes in three stages:

Stage 1:

Dark Trooper Phase 1 Ugly, isn't it! It attacks by slashing with huge blades which make up it's forearms.

You first run into this pleasant character on level 5, the Gromos Mines

A Phase one Dark Trooper spots you: (Dark1.AU)

Stage 2:

Phase 2 Dark Trooper This is a nasty piece of work! The Stage 2 Dark Trooper has jet packs on it's back.. It attacks by using it's assault canon. The gun that I hope you can see in his hand. It fires either plasma jets, or missiles!

First encountered on level 8 (Robotics Facility)

A Phase 2 Dark Trooper spots you: (Dark2a.AU)

A Phase 2 Dark Trooper finally bites the dust: (Dark2b.AU)

Stage 3:

Phase 3 Dark Trooper Wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alleyway! Oh, it's all right, he wouldn't fit. This guy is really General Mohc (who designed the Dark Troopers) in a huge Dark Trooper suit! He attacks with all the weapons of a Stage 2 Dark Trooper, but he fires multiple fire balls from his breast plate!

First (and only, thank goodness) encountered on level 14 (Ark Hammer)

Mohc spots you, and you know your days are numbered: (Dark3a.AU)

Mohc falls: (Dark3b.AU)

Oh, and by the way. The Dark Troopers were assembled on the Ark Hammer, a huge space ship which is your job to blow up (oh joy).

Here it is, launching Dark Troopers in little pods.

Ark Hammer Launching Dark Troopers

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