Terminate Boba Fett

A sign saying today's special, Ewok StewThe lightsaber!

Purple Tentacles!A precarious walkway!

This level is great because it has a new weapon, a lightsaber!

This level is quite challenging, it has a walk way that is very long, and gets thin in places. There are a lot of new WAX's (see the pictures above). At the end, there is a battle with Boba Fett that is difficult because the battle area is full of tall pillars and you can't see where he is coming from. I really like the Purple Tentacles which are characters in another Lucas Arts game. Anyway, the lightsaber is not very powerful and has to be used in close range, but it is quite a novelty to use. One of the inconveniences of this level is that you have to use a gas mask when you go outside! There is also a new enemy called the Assault Droid.

Look out for: The cafe area

Challenge: Find the gas mask!

Secret: Treat the Assault droid like Boba Fett, it will give you practice!


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Last Changed: 21 April 1997