Stars End, The Cloak

Once in a while, I find something above the ordinary, above the excellent. This is it. It has great features like, Spaceships that you control, moving R2 Units, an escape pod, a construction facility that you can ride into the centre of the facility, a testing area, a whirlpool, plus much, much more!

The only bad thing about this level is that you need more that 8mb of RAM. But people with 8mb are welcome to try as I have only that much and it works fine for me.

The plot is that you, Kyle Katarn have been sent to destroy a facility where they have been making portable cloaking devices for Storm Troopers. You must then go and find some information about where the Imperials are getting their shipments of minerals.

I am so impressed, that I would say that of all the Dark Forces add on levels that I have encountered, this is my favorite. Enough with the praise, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Look out for: The spaceship that you control.

Challenge: Ride on the conveyer.

Secret: The switch that leads you to the only extra life in this level.


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      Glyn Collinson
Last Changed: 6th June 1997