Kyle's Nightmare

Storm TrooperTrandoshan

The Dark Trooper, a very lucky shot to get!The end of the level

You're Kyle Katarn and you're just taking a nap after another hard day. You have a terrible nightmare. You goal is to survive to the end of it.

Once in a while, you find a trully brilliant level. This is one of them. You have to remember that all is not as it seems. With Storm Troopers firing 10 times more quickly, Trandoshan's using Thermal detonators, Phase 1 Dark Troopers moving at the speed of light (etc). If you survive on hard, email and tell me!

README FILE and download

Deset Gled has spent a long time on a strategy guide, which I can proudly present as an exclusive.


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Last Changed: 21 February 1999