<<<<<<<<<<<<< DARK FORCES ADD-ON MISSION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<< LAMBDA BASE >>>>>>>

>>>>>>> BETA VERSION 3 <<<<<<<

The zipfile Lambda.zip consists of 5 files -

LAMBDA.TXT (this file)

LAMBDA.BAT (batch file to start the new mission)

LAM.COM (mission overview, called by lambda.bat)

LAMBDA.GOB (main .Gob file)

DFBRIEF.LFD(new briefing file, to be copied to ?\DARK)

Basic Information:

This is a new level from scratch. I have added some unorthodox enemies

to medium and hard levels. These may not appeal to all players .But then

again you may enjoy them. There are no Dark Troopers or Bobba Fett or

combinations there of.


UnZip < Lambda.ZIP > and copy the files to your DarkForces

directory < i.e. C:\DARK >. Then switch to that directory and type

< Lambda>. The BAT file will provide you with the

mission overview; the Briefings and Goals in Dark Forces itself.

Will work for this level, as will the PDI information.

****** NOTE *******

The file DFBRIEF.LFD will have to be removed to restore normal briefings for

SECBASE level..

The level will run fine without it.

/* ================================================================ */

* Play Information *

Level(s) replaced : SECBASE

Difficulty Settings : Yes, easy( almost normal) medium (starts to get

: stupid) hard ( for those that just can`t get killed)

New BMs : YES

New FMEs : YES

New WAXs : No (well not realy new, part wax part 3do)

New 3DOs : Yes

New VOCs : Modified originals

New GMDs : No

New VUEs : No


* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch (except for the landing field)

Editor(s) used : DFUSE

Known Bugs : small clipping in last pit(but it might be just my

video card)

The Developer: :David Lovejoy (dlovejoy@nucleus.com)

Special Thanks to:

George Lucas for Star Wars

LucasArts for a great game.

Yves Borckmans (yborckmans@abcomp.be For DFUSE level editor

Paul Nemesh(pnem@aol.com) For the Tie Defender 3DO.

Ben & Pat McBride(74454.1421@compuserve.com) For DFUSE Tutorials

Steve Valla For Testing Level

Alexei Novikov (anoviko@emory.edu) For the great utilities



some advise

and finaly for Level testing

Gary Belisle(keemosabi@aol.com) For his Awing 3do, and kind

permission to change it

And anybody else i may have forgotten, that provided help in one way or


If you have any questions, concerns or comments please E-mail me

at dlovejoy@nucleus.com

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

These files are to be distributed for FREE only!

You MAY distribute this GOB, in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD,

etc.), provided you include all of the files named above, with no

modifications, and at no charge.