Operation Archangel 2, The Dungeons of Gamorra

A communications suite A plaque
The Black Whirlwind Riia Goltend

I don't usually show you the weapon I am using in screen shots, but in this case I have made an exeption. It is obvious to any laymen, that the weapon I am using is new. It is called the Black Whirlwind,is a replacement for the Assault Cannon, and is something to gawp at! It is a force to be reconed with, even more powerfull than the Assault cannon. In this level, it is the star of the show!

Information on the Black Whirlwind

Technical Specifications

Of course, a fancy new weapon does not make a good level. There have to be other things to, and in this level is no exeption. It has Scuba Gear, dungeons, new characters, a girl for you to rescue, really good architecture, and sound. Lots of sound. From the Black Whirlwind, to the lightning, to the creaking of doors, this level makes full use of sound. I think that this level would have been exepted in the origional game!

Look out for: The castle entrance.

Challenge: Don't use the Scuba Gear!

Secret: The power ups, in the lobby.


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