Future Present, Part 1

An Imperial meetingA biolab

The huge spidersThe end of the level, where you make a very quick exit!

The plot of this level is best if you have read the "Jedi Academy Trilogy" by Kevin J. Anderson. Then you know who Exar Kun is. For everyone else, he is a dark Lord like Vader but is dead and his spirit enhabits the temples in Yavin 4. He has an army of spider like creatures at his command. The little ones are ok, the Big ones are the nasty ones!

Where where we? Oh yes, the level. Any way, there are new enemies, WAX files and sound files. I like the author's style of having the characters talk to you.

What a relief it is to see that familiar ship come down and see the message "Mission Objectives complete, press <ESC> key to end mission!"

Look out for: The messages Exar Kun sends you.

Challenge: Kill all the spiders at the end!

Secret: When you see red eyes, fire like hell!


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