The Fall of Thrawn

A tree on EndorAn AT-AT Walker 

An AT-ST WalkerThrawn himself 

If you have played Tie fighter or read any of the Star Wars books, you maybe familiar with Thrawn. For others that shall remain nameless who only get books to look at the pictures, Thrawn is a Grand Admiral, and a tactical genius. He is a real problem for the Rebellion, so you have to kill him. 

The levels streach out over a variety of different terrains. From the ice plants Hoth, to the forrests of Endor, to the inside of a Star Destroyer. I think you will be impressed with the coverage and gameplay of the levels. There is rarely a dull moment! 

Look out for: The scout bikes on Endor 

Challenge: Escape from the death trap! 

Secret: The crazy room. You will have to use the cheats to get to it! 


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Last Changed: 20 April 1997