Don's Dark Forces Add on levels version 4.2



* Expanded Operation DethStar Level.

* Addition of Fourth level, Impossible Rescue

* Cutscenes for all four levels

* Difficulty setting used

* In game mission briefings

* New characters, objects, etc.


Basic Information:

DON (my name )

DF (Dark Forces)

4 (Four levels)

2(version .1, ie. patchs will then progress as .1, .2, etc)

This gob file is to be distributed at NO charge, Please do not upload a partial file, Only the complete file including all the files listed below. This program took MANY hours to develop so Do Not Alter, modify or damage these files without consent of the developer.

Included in this file:




How to use this file:

A batch file is included, all you need to do is place the don-df42.gob, dons.lfd and dons-bat file in your start-up directory. Instead of typing DARK, type DONS. If you want to play the original levels just enter dark as normal. The lfd file includes the in game briefings. Just place dons.lfd file either in the lfd or Startup directory and it will work for pre-battle mission briefings. If you wish to have the briefings & requirements during actual play back up your original dfbrief.lfd file, make a copy of the dons.lfd file in your lfd subdirectory and rename it dfbrief.lfd.

* Play Information *

Level(s) replaced : will Load menu with four new levels

Difficulty Settings : Yes (Hard may be VERY hard for some)

New BMs : Yes

New FMEs : Yes

New WAXs : Yes

New 3DOs : Yes

New VOCs : No

New GMDs : No

New VUEs : Yes



The Story:

You are sent on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star. In the process you are captured and thrown in the Detention Center. Your objectives are to:

1. Get your Gear Back and escape the detention center.

2. Steal The Death Star Plans.

3. Shut down the Tractor Beam holding your ship.

4. Get to Your Ship.



The First "Homebrewed" replacement level for LucasArts' Dark Forces.

The Story:

In retaliation the Empire has captured your ship and taken it to this hidden base for "safe" keeping, you must infiltrate the base to get your ship back. Your mission, find the Key that will get your ship back, and get to your ship. Rebel Intel. has reported the Empire is testing their new "Dark Trooper" Weapon in the area so be prepared.



The Story:

The infamous Boba Fett has been commissioned by the Empire to deliver data tapes to imperial commands on the outer rim. These data tapes contain vital information on empire's plans for strategic attacks on several worlds now sympathetic to the rebel cause. Before Boba Fett can deliver these command data tapes to the deployed fleet on the outer rim you must go to Tatooine and steal the plans from his personal base of operations. This base will be guarded by both mercinary and Imperial forces alike. If you fail many innocent worlds will fall to the empire and many people will die needlessly. If you run into Boba Fett himself eliminate him once and for all.

Your Objectives:

1. Steal the Data Tape

2. Get Back To Your Ship.



The Story:

C-3po has been captured and taken to Tatooine by Bounty hunters. You are to return to Tatooine and rescue C-3PO. See in game briefing...

Your Objectives:

1. Rescue See Threepio

2. Return To the Drop Point for Pick Up.


Updates for version 2.1:

Level 1: A flaw allowing you to get to your ship without finishing the 3rd completion trigger has been fixed (Thank you Paul for finding that one). The batch file now starts you at the menu removing the cutscenes and mission briefings, hopefully removing confusion. There is no difference in easy/hard level settings so that screen is not necessary. I do not want people to play through the levels on easy and then never try them at their full potential of difficulty, so don't ask me to change that. Also, fixed some incorrectly morphing elevators.

Level 2: Fixed some incorrectly morphing wall textures.

Update for version 2.2:

Level 1: Tie fighter .vue file utilized, making the hanger a more active environment. (Thank You Paul for the wonderful spreadsheet that made this possible.) Also 3DO R2 Droid of my design placed into level.

Update for version 3.0:

level 1: another 3D R2 droid has been placed. The new R2 Droid is modeled directly after R2D2 and can be destroyed, just don't be standing too could hurt. (who wants to be able to blow up an R2D2......hey why not?). The Droids are enhanced from the previous release as well. You now also start the Death Star Level in the detention center the way it was meant...unarmed.

Update for version 4.0:

Added fourth level Impossible rescue. Added Cutscenes and in game briefings. Added difficulty settings on Operation DethStar & Operation Tatooine. Added new areas and expansion to Operation DethStar (Emperor's Throne Room).

Update for Version 4.1:

Fixed mistakes in expansion of Operation DethStar. Bugs found by

The Developer:

Don Sielke

Special Thanks to:

Paul Nemesh (PNem@AOL.COM)

Paul developed the 3d Tie Interceptor and Tie Bomber used in the Death Star level. Paul also developed the spreadsheet that made making .vue files not only possible, but quite easy to develop.

Yves Borckmans (Yves_Borckmans/

For developing a wonderful editor. I used the editor for the Death Star Level as opposed to text format in the Secbase II level and save it saved me a lot of time.

Gary Belisle (Keemosabi@AOL.COM)

Gary made the Lar's Landspeeder, Awing and Slave 1 3do's for use in Operation Tatooine.

Matthew E. Neuman ( Jawa Wax.

Pat Green (PatGreen88@AOL.COM): Tatooine Field Troopers.

Jamie Evans: IG-88 bounty hunter droids (SW-DOOMj.) Converted for use in Dark Forces myself.

Adam Shane ( Power Droid 3DO, Star Destroyer 3DO.

Troy Benge ( INCOM T-16 Skyhopper 3DO

Level Testers:

Paul Nemesh (PNem) 2-4

Andrew Hankin (FSU Tuba) 2-3

Richard Gold (Cmdr Krud) 2-3

Gary Belisle (Keemosabi) 2, 4

Carlos Gomez (CarGoCo) 2

Sean Baker (SRBakerSWF) 3

Ed Gerritson ( 4

Charles Upton ( 4

Rick Schmidt ( 4

Thanks for all of your input in helping make this level playable.

available at:

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please E-mail me at or send mail to:

Don Sielke

442 Venetian Way

Panama City, Fl. 32405