Dark Forces 96, the Ties That Bind

a crashed Xwing

the Sarlacyour ultimate enemy, the Emperor!

This .ZIP is an incredible 6 Levels, and is packed with new cutscenes, enemies, 3DO's and sounds. The plot is that your wife Jan Ors and your son Dack have been kidnapped by the emperor and taken to Byss, in the core systems. It soon turbs out that rescueing them will not be as easy as you thought as the plot unfolds over the levels. In the climax to the game on Byss, you face the Emperor! (see picture).

Due to all the neat new stuff, and the fact that there are 6 levels, the .ZIP will take a long time to load. But it is worth the wait!

Look out for: Just look out!

Challenge: Defeat the Sarlac first time round!

Secret: Use explosives to shatter the Sarlac's teeth. Then do a lot of jumping!

README FILE and download DF96.ZIP Warning: 1.9 Megabytes! 

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Last Changed: 20 April 1997