By Carl Kenner

Here is a cutscene for Paul Nemesh's TIE Defender Base level.

This cutscene is about 5 minutes long.

It does not have very good lipsinching and I still haven't got the hang

of iMUSE, so the music is not done properly.

To use this cutscene you will need to

* Download PAULLEV.ZIP.

* Copy my DEFENDER.LFD file into the DARK\LFD directory.


(you should have done that months ago anyway)

* Add the CUTSCENE.LST file to PAULLEV.GOB or your Dark Forces Directory.

* Cross your fingers.

* Type PAULLEV to start.

I made a cool briefing for this level also but it stopped working when I

added the cutscene, so I have removed the BRIEFING.LST file.

The Sound FX are originally from TIE Fighter and Dark Forces but have been

edited heavilly to make the characters say what I wanted them to say.

(I even managed to make Vice Admiral Thrawn say the word "prepared" out of

the sentence "how are the repairs proceding?"!)

The graphics are from X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Dark Forces and some I drew

myself with Neopaint v3.0

This is a COOL cutscene for when you finish the level and you take off in

a hijacked TIE Defender!

If you have any comments send them to

Carl Kenner (Andrew.Kenner@UniSA.edu.Au)

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