TIE Defender Base Collector's Edition

Version 1.0

By Paul Nemesh (PNem@aol.com)


- THIS LEVEL REQUIRES 12 MEGS OF RAM (for MS-DOS users). Windows 95 users

only need 8 MEGS of RAM. See the Windows 95 instructions below.

- This level is VERY difficult. Even if you're a veteran of many Doom and

Dark Forces campaigns, you'll probably want to start out on 'Easy' or

'Medium'. I would be very interested to get EMail from anyone who completes

the level on 'Hard'.


What's new in this Collector's Edition:

- Several minor bugs and texture problems have been fixed.

- Many new objects and enemies have been added, including several new moving

3D objects.

- Several cool new special effects have been included. Pay special attention

to the shuttle and the room with the data tape.

- The layout of the level is the basically same, but the second half (inside

the main base) has several major additions.

- An excellent mission briefing (by Carl Kenner) has been included. If you

don't have the cutscenes (entitled defender.zip) he made for this level,

get it ... it is amazing. You can probably find the cutscene wherever you

found this level.


Background from Jan Ors:

Rebel spies have located the base where research and development is

being done on the Empire's newest starfighter, the TIE Defender. This

development effort is being led by Admiral Thrawn, who is reporting

directly to the Emperor. Initial analysis indicates that this new

weapon can outrun and outgun any starfighter in the Rebel arsenal. The

Rebel Alliance needs more data on this craft and we need to shut down

its testing facility. This is where you come in, Kyle.

The Mission:

The base is located in a mountainous area on a small moon in the Parmel

system. Imperial test pilots use a nearby ravine for practice runs

before entering orbit. The entrance to the base itself is thought to be

somewhere in the ravine.

You must find the entrance to the facility and plant a sequencer charge

in its main reactor room. At the main reactor, there is an exchange

coupling that leads to the central power grid. Place a sequencer charge

in this coupling and the facility will explode.

After you've planted the charge, you must find a data tape that contains

all of the technical specifications and flight test data on the TIE

Defender prototypes. These will be an invaluable aid to Admiral Ackbar's

staff in determining the best way to counter this awesome new threat.

I'll be in radio contact with you, but once I drop you off, you'll be on

your own. To get out, you'll need to hijack a TIE Defender.

You will be heavily outnumbered and outgunned here, Kyle. Rely on your

quickness ... always keep moving! This is bound to be your most

difficult mission! Reports indicate that the base is guarded by a full

platoon of Dark Troopers. Also, there is another secret Imperial weapon

under development here - a new type of Probe Droid called the Hunter-

Killer Droid. Watch out!

Mission objectives:

- Infiltrate the TIE Defender base.

- Plant a sequencer charge in the facility's main reactor room.

- Recover the data tape containing the TIE Defender tech specs and flight test


- Escape in a hijacked TIE Defender.


This file is to be distributed at NO charge. Please do not modify these

files without consent of the developer.

Included in this .zip file are 4 items:

The .GOB file generated by DFUSE:


The .LFD file that contains the mission briefing:


A batch file to start this level:


This file:



How to play this level:

- Copy the DefBase.gob, DefBase.lfd, and DefBase.bat files to your Dark Forces

directory (usually c:\dark).

- Make sure your system is configured correctly to run Dark Forces.

- Get to the Dark Forces directory.

- Type "DefBase".

- Note that the in-mission briefing has not been changed.

- Also, the following files must NOT be in your Dark Forces directory:









If any of the above files are in your Dark Forces directory, this level

may not function properly.


Windows 95 instructions:

Right click DefBase.bat and select Properties.

On the MEMORY tab make the following settings;

Conventional Memory ------------------------------------ Auto

Expanded Memory (EMS) ----------------------------------- Auto

Extended Memory (XMS) ---------------------------------- Auto

Protect Mode Memory (DPMI) ------------------------- 9216 (Kb)

Make sure the "Use HMS" check box is checked.

Do NOT run in MS-DOS Mode. Runs straight in Windows 95. These settings

allows Windows to swap memory from the hard drive during the game. These

settings work for other large add-on levels as well.

Note that I do NOT own Windows 95 and I have not tested this myself. Troy

Willoughby (Troy1willo@aol.com) playtested this level in Windows 95 for me.

Please direct any Windows 95 related questions to him.


Additional Credits:

- Carl Kenner (andrew.kenner@unisa.edu.au): Mission briefing

- Gary Belisle (Keemosabi@aol.com): X-Wing and A-Wing .3dos

- Troy Willoughby (Troy1willo@aol.com): Windows 95 instructions

- Richard Snodgrass (RichS88@aol.com): Hunter-Killer Droid, red barrel, and

red storm-trooper .waxes

- Patrick Green (Patgreen88@aol.com): Field Trooper .waxes

- Adam Shane (LtPsycho@aol.com): Star Destroyer .3do

- Don Sielke (dsielke@interoz.com): R2 unit .3do

- Mike Densmore (MDensm8167@aol.com): Grey-clad imperial officer .wax

- Jason Burton (DakJanson@aol.com): Blue-clad imperial officer .wax

- Richard Gold (CmdrKrud@aol.com): Black-clad imperial officer .wax

- Charles Upton (SVAN07A@Prodigy.com): TIE Fighter transparent texture


- Special thanks to Daron Stinnett, Ray Greshko, Justin Chin, and everyone

else at LucasArts who worked to make Dark Forces one of the most

entertaining games of 1995.

- Thanks to Yves Borckmans for developing DFUSE, the editor I used to create

this level.

- I'd like to thank all of the people who playtested this level, especially

Dave Spiciarich and Don Sielke. Your insights and suggestions were

extremely valuable.

If you have any questions, suggestions, improvements, or comments, please

E-mail me at PNem@aol.com

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