Dark Forces Cheat Codes :-)


You can squeeze through small passages that were too narrow before. You can also crouch lower than normal. You can get much closer to walls.

Map supermode. Gives you a full detailed map, showing item and enemy locations. (Type this in twice and you get an even more detailed map-Glyn)

Gives your current location co-ordinates. Also tells you what percent of the secrets you've found in the current level.

Total invincibility.

All weapons, full health, shields, and ammo, and all items.

Teleports you to position of red dot on overlaid map.

Disables height checking. If you walk up to a wall with a ledge above it, you will move up to that ledge. Using this with LAIMLAME, you can go just about anywhere.

All weapons, full health, shields, and ammo, as well as battery power, ice cleats, infrared goggles and air mask.

Weapon supercharge. Same as the power-up.

Freezes all enemies. If you shoot the enemy in this mode, nothing will happen until you type this code again, and then all of the enemies that you've killed will fall down dead (or go flying into the air depending on whether you've placed a mine under them)

Skips to the next level, and marks the current level as complete. Will show the cut-scene (if any).

All items.

Mac Cheats ONLY!!!!!

LAOZ (Mac only)
Dorothy Mode. Speeds up music and voices, and shrinks enemies to about half their normal size.

Full invincibility, unlimited ammo, and unlimited weapon supercharge. Unlike LAIMLAME, lasers do not bounce off of you.

LABRADY (Mac only)
Full ammo.

Level Codes, type these in during the game and you will be transported there:

LASECBASE - Secret Base
LATALAY - Talay: Tak Base
LASEWERS - Anoat City
LATESTBASE - Research Facility
LAGROMAS - Gromas Mines
LADTENTION - Detention Centre
LARAMSHED - Ramsees Hed
LAROBOTICS - Robotics Facility
LANARSHADA - Nar Shaddaa
LAJABSHIP - Jabba's Ship
LAIMPCITY - Imperial City
LAFUELSTAT - Fuel Station
LAEXECUTOR - The Executor
LAARC - The Arc Hammer

This is a text version of the cheats page with a few updates, which I got from The Dark Forces Homepage, maintained by Tola Dalton. I got a lot of my material from them so it is well worth having a look, They have even more stuff than I have!

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