Operation Retrieve

Boba FettA wings

An Imperial WalkerAn Xwing

Briefing: This cool mission is set on a Correlian Moon. But this is no starship construction site (but there are a lot of starships there, captured by the Empire) this is a detention facility. Your spy, Crix Madine has been captured and is being held in a VERY high security prison. Guarding him and other wanted criminals is a Dark Trooper. You must go in, find him, and escape on some sort of transport. An Xwing If possible. Once you have "cleansed the base of Imperial activity" Madine can recapture the base from Imperial hands.

Entering orbit, Boba Fett arms his disintegrater gun. This time, he would succeed...

Look out for: MOUSEBOT HELL!!!!!

Challenge: None, If you can think of one EMAIL ME FREE. How about not laughing when the Crow takes off!

Secret: The entrance to mousebot hell is through a small tunnel near the start.


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