Lambda base

****** WARNING *******

The file DFBRIEF.LFD will have to be removed to restore normal briefings for SECBASE level.

The level will run fine without it.


But enough of these formalities:

The code to get the Death Star PlansThe Swmming Pool!

The TIE Defenders!The water turbines for the base

Briefing: This is a basic supplement to the original. It has some unorthodox enemies Like a TIE Defender attacking you (backwards?!), Stormtroopers attacking like Gran's ext. It has bed chambers, a swimming pool, a bar, and what looks like a coffee lounge. This is like a base because it has the personal areas as well. I doubt that you will complete this one first time though (without cheating!!!!).

Look out for: The living parts I have just mentioned.

Challenge: Get through it first time without using the cheat codes.

Secret: You can kill the TIE Defenders by using Mines.


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Last Changed: 30 November 1996