Infiltrate Weapons Laboratory

A TIE Bomber in it's hanger bay3 Dark Troopers attack similtaineously

2 down, one to go3 jars of Phrric

Briefing: OK, wake up Kyle, its time for the drop. As you know, this is a night time

insertion to one of the Imperial research facilities. Your task is to infiltrate the laboratory

and retrieve a sample of the Phrik metal being used in new weapon construction. A small

collection of resources will be left with you at the drop site. We have no idea where in the

complex the phrik metal will be located. Scanning by spy probes indicate energy

readings in a disused part of the facility to the SE.

You should expect the place to be locked up tighter than Princess

Leia's bedroom. There will definitely be plenty of traps, and there is

no guarantee you'll make it back. I think the Imperial's will be getting

wise to your use of their ventilation systems, so do be careful. It's

night time, So there should be few people about. Try not to stir things up

by shooting at everything that moves. There's no real need to push every

button you see either.

Oh, and Kyle, don't come back with loads of Imperial junk like

usual. There's no need to pick up everything, just the Phrik metal, eh?

Look out for: The Imperial Cinema! (all the pictures I took were too dark to put on the pages)

Challenge: Survive the attack by 3 Dark Troopers!

Secret: The secret entrance to the laboratory.


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