Reclaiming Cloud City

The Medical BayThe Take off area

Storm one takes off while you are attacked by a Phase 1 Dark TrooperThe Carbon Freeze room

BRIEFING: It is the end of the Empire, The defeat of Emperor Palpatine, and the waning of the Imperial Fleet has resulted in a new Galactic Government, The New Republic! One of the goals of the New Republic is to rid the very essence of the Empire from the Galaxy;

But They have a long way to go... Various Admirals of the Imperial Fleet have pulled back to Byss, the galactic core, and the final Governmental seat of the Empire! Several of the Emperor's ruling circle, in addition to some of the remaining Grand Admirals, have started the preliminary workings of war...sending out smuggler ships to rescue various Imperial Prisoners, possibly capture some prisoners of their own, gain supply lines, and gain support from Imperial Loyalists. One of the Key Smuggler Routs used by the remnants of the Empire is the Anoat System, mainly Bespin and Cloud City!

In Transit to ord Pardrons New Republic Detantion facility, General Crix Madine and his cargo, Moff Rebus, are pulled out of Hyperspace in the Anoat System by two Imperial Interdictor Cruisers, and a Victory Class Star Destroyer. Madine and Rebus are taken, and the crew of the shuttle is executed. Two escort B-wings managed to break for safety and have recently arrived on couriscant with news of the hi-jack

With the fleet engaged across the galaxy, the New Republic calls on the skills of Kyle Katarn and Jan Orrs. Sent to rescue Madine and capture the fugitive Moff, Kyle and Jan make their way to the now Imperial and Smuggler held in the clouds... Just as the Empire prepares Madine for Carbon-Freeze....

Warning: As Jan and Kyle enter the Anoat System, so does Slave1...the Empire has found out about this mission, and has sent Kyle's longtime enemy to deal with him....Boba Fett. But Boba Fett knows Katarn has defeated him once before and has brought along some help.

Good luck and may the Force be with you!!!

Watch out for: The layout of Cloud City compared with the film.

Challenge: Just get to the end on "Hard"

Secret: The access to the rest of the level is on a secret tunnel, in one of the elevators near the grilled door. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!


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