Imperial Academy

a hallway at the academyHolographic Tie Defender
A dark side training sessionThe Control Centre

In this level (description of full plot available in the Readme file) Kyle goes back to the Imperial Academy where he was trained. But this time, he takes with him 3 detonator charges. I will not go into depth in the plot, as we would be here all day. But I can tell you that this level has some brilliant architecture, good puzzles, but the author has made it a bit too hard. The idea is to work your way around the rooms, finding switches to open the next door. This can get a bit tedious. But nice areas are, the maze that is a lift, the switch in outer space, and the TIE Defender plans. Oh, you will see. I recommend this level, but have a copy of the cheats handy, if you get too stuck. But if finding out how to do it is the thing you like doing, this level is for you.

Look out for: The swinging door, the star ships, basically keep your eyes peeled, this base is filled with surprises.

Challenge: Complete the level!!!!

Secret: The storage bay area.


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