Danger room readme

Title : The Danger Room, Version 1.1


Author : Mike Neugebauer

Email Address : Laker09@aol.com

Misc. Author Info : -

Description : The Danger Room is a custom level set

in the Marvel Universe. You play the

X-Man Cable, armed to the hilt and

honing his skills in the X-Men's

renowned "Danger Room".

Author Notes : This level isn't as near as intricate

as the Danger Room in the comics, but

it is an adequate training facility

for those who are having difficulty

passing other Dark Forces missions.

The Danger Room in the comics is

a huge arena-like atmosphere, capable

of training several X-Men concurrently.

However, I had to limit the size of

the Danger Room and place walls in

the middle of the room to avoid massive

HOM problems. I also had to create

several "dummy" sectors in the middle

of the room so enemies would pop out of

nowhere to make it more challenging.

If there is signifigant interest, I will

release future versions. Mail me if

you like the level and want a few

improvements made. Play the game to

find out more...



Additional Credits to :


Yves Borckmans for creating DFUSE and WDFUSE, hints in working

with generators, and quick e-mail responses.

Len Neugebauer for helping me finance this computer.

Joe Lopez for inspiration.

Chris Claremont for making the Danger Room an interesting

place to begin with. Too bad I couldn't get Kyle to


* Play Information *

Level(s) replaced : SECBASE

Difficulty Settings : Yes

New BMs : No

New FMEs : No

New WAXs : No

New 3DOs : No

New VOCs : No

New GMDs : No

New LFDs : No

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used : DFUSE for DOS, WDFUSE15

Known Bugs : Some slow play because of all the enemies (turn down detail settings and screen size if needed). The game has been prone to crash if you exit to DOS or go on to the next mission. I don't know if this is a RAM problem or a Win 95 problem. The level was tested in Win95 DOS mode. Due to the limitation that generators only work when you are facing them, you have to keep running around to keep the action going. This is especially true when you select only one or two enemy types. It's also too bad DF game doesn't have a kill counter.

Bugs Fixed On

This Version : new level

Machine Designed

and Tested On : 586 DX2 90Mhz, 8Mb RAM.

* Copyright / Permissions *


| Dark Forces is (c) LucasArt Entertainment Company |


Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You may distribute this level, provided you include all files, with no modifications except for Macintosh conversion. This level may be converted to the Macintosh Dark Forces format and distributed. The files included are:




The compressed package, DANGROOM.ZIP should be about 30800 bytes.

Typing DANGROOM.BAT displays important information for playing the game.

I am not responsible for any damage that this product may cause. I have not witnessed any data loss or corruption in testing this product.