The Danger room

Having trouble with Dark Forces? Wish you could turn the tables on your enemies? Well, I have discovered an answer....


The Danger room is a place where you can control the enemies that you face, what the conditions are etc. There are several "Selection rooms" in which you can chose how the level goes.

Choose your opponent..

STEP 1: Choose your opponent by pushing the switch next to the "cell" with the enemy in. Here I have chosen them all!

Choose the light..

STEP 2: Choose the light conditions. You can choose from Snow blind mode (very light) to Pitch dark. This can give you control of how the enemy sees you.

Choose your weapon...

STEP 3: Collect your weapons.

Enter the Danger room...

STEP 4: Enter the Danger room. You have five minutes to survive, until an officer bearing a red key will appear.

the end

STEP 5: Use the key to open a door where the master of the danger room is, and you did it!

This is a great invention, and a vital piece of training equipment. If you are stuck with Dark Forces, download the Danger Room NOW!


Author: Mike Neugebauer

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