Condition Red



A level by Jereth Kok, Peter Klassen and Steve Miller

Kyle Katarn, during being on a space platform, is woken up by a sudden alert. While he was sleeping, an Imprerial Star Destroyer Chimaera, with Admiral Thrawn in charge, has attacked the platform. An advance troop already docked and is trying to infiltrate it. The station defences are down, the ships are trapped in the magnetic fields raised by the intruders. Kyle has to go on and lead the counterattack to rescue the platform. But he must hurry up: the next assault transports are already marching on and the time ticks away...

Main features:

  • Authentic ambush atmosphere (nice alliteration, huh?) :-)
  • Extraordinary VUE & INF & VOC & CMP & ... effects
  • Lots of new 3DOs (e.g. Assault Transports, Corellian Corvette, Calamari Cruiser)
  • Featuring voice of Admiral Ackbar!
  • As always, cutscenes with edited music, by your humble servant.
  • A Super Secret (now come on, find it!)

Look out for: The docking ships, the friendly fire, the TV, flying stormtroopers.... oh it's just incredible!!!!

Challenge: Complete it first time without getting distracted!

Secret: The storage bay area.


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Last Changed: 29 March 2005