The wimpy pathA Vader Clone

An atrium, where the mission objective is kept!The Castle

The Spice shuttle, Anduin entered orbit around the planet Kessel. It's ocupants were three smugglers, and a secret cargo of Rebels. The Smugglers got their shipment of Spice from Morath Dual. Dual, a Ribet was head of smuggling the photogenic spice glitterstem from under Imperial noses. The deal was made as usual. After the Smugglers had left, and learning of the cargo of rebels, Morath realised that he could gain a better favor from the Empire, from ratting on them.

As Anduin left orbit, it was intercepted by Imperial Star Destroyer Serberus. The Smugglers were executed, and the 6 Rebels were taken as prisoners to a secret castle on an uncharted world. Guarding them, are several Darth Vader clones!

You must save the prisoner behind the force field. She is the key to the survival of the rebellion. The map in some of the areas of the castle will not work. You are on your own Kyle.

Look out for: Darth Vader

Challenge: Don't go down the "Wimpy" path!

Secret: The crazy room. You will have to use the cheats to get to it!


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