Imperial Academy, Version 1.1


Author : Agustin Leon

Email Address :

Misc. Author Info : Apprentice

Description : One year after Kyle destroyed the

ArcHammer, the Rebel Alliance gets

a report that one of the facilities

of the Imperial Academy is being left

relatively unprotected. Since this

place happens to be where Kyle was

trained, he decides to destroy the

facility without consulting with the

Rebel High Command. Ignoring Jan's

warnings that this is an obvious trap

for the Rebellion's new agent, Kyle

prepares to enter the complex without

the notion that the trap is set...

Additional Credits to :


Yves Borckmans

Alexei Novikov

Jereth Kok

Richard M. Gold

Paul Nemesh

Scott Streeter

Tola Dalton

Brad Oliver

Ivan Cockrum

* Play Information *

Level(s) replaced : ROBOTICS

Difficulty Settings : Yes

New BMs : Yes

New FMEs : No

New WAXs : No

New 3DOs : Yes

New VOCs : No

New GMDs : No

New LFDs : Yes

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used : DFUSE for GOB, BMP2DF for LFD

Known Bugs : A few HOMS on big areas when

moving fast and/or are lot of

enemies around. Not critical.

(Eats up almost all your 8Mb)

Bugs Fixed On : Added more safes and solved

This Version some unsolveable situations.

Machine Designed

and Tested On : 486 DX2 50Mhz, 8Mb RAM.

* Copyright / Permissions *


| Dark Forces is (c) LucasArt Entertainment Company |


Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional


You may distribute this level, provided you include all files,

with no modifications except for Macintosh conversion. This

level may be converted to the Macintosh Dark Forces format

and distributed. The files included are:






The compressed package, ACADEMYA.ZIP should be around 170Kb.

Read the ACADEMY.DOC file before playing!

I am not responsible for any damage that this files may

cause. Specially since I don't know a way this files can

cause damage.