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Shallow trenching during the relaying of the pavement north of the Westgate during April 1988 located the junction of the city wall with the northern tower of the gate. The wall was revealed approximately 30 cm. below pavement level and though cut by many service and pipe trenches, contemporaneity of wall and tower was established. Although the ashlared block-work front face of the wall had been robbed during its demolition in 1830 sufficient wall core of chalk block-work survived to prove that the tower and wall were of one build. The original point of junction between wall and tower above pavement level, though well concealed by `quality' repair work, was also discernable. The line of the city wall has now been marked out in brick on the pavement.

Our thanks are extended to Canterbury City Council for financing this recording brief.

City wall foundations

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The text and pictures were taken from Canterbury's Archaeology 1987/1988, The 12th Annual Report of Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

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